Psycho-Spiritual Mentorship

I am mentor based in Sedona, Arizona with clients locally as well throughout North America and internationally. I offer individually-designed mentorship programs in person and over skype, which combine deep inner work, spiritual counseling, and customized study and practice. To learn more about my mentorship programs, please contact me


What are some of the reasons people work with you?

  • You feel that a part of you has been imprisoned or held back?

  • You are waiting for love to find you?

  • You feel unfulfilled and know there is joy inside you but you fail to access it?

  • You have experienced loss, your heart has been shattered, and you long for love's embrace?

  • You have gone through or are in the midst of a major life transition?

I find relationships (or lack thereof) a common factor why people seek therapy. Either they: a) are in one and it is not working, b) they are recovering from a past relationship, or c) they suffer from the absence of a relationship (loneliness).  A great majority of my clients are female. The men that feel most attracted to my work struggle with intimacy, love, and sexuality.


How do I know if I need mentoring?

In my first meeting with you, I will assess what you need. Essentially, I focus on where you are located on two parallel streams of life. The first one I call "regressive". In most cases we see an anguished-self that carries deeply broken parts within. The person is dealing with apathy, trauma, grief and many energies we know to oppose the enjoyment of life. Being alive may appear to be a struggle and gaining forward momentum can be arduous as many resistances oppose the flow of vital energy and creativity. In that case, psychotherapy is indicated, which I no longer provide, and I can guide you to find the right practitioner for you.

If a person finds himself on the second stream, which I call "progressive", life is characterized by a clearer and positive forward momentum. A person is steadily and clearly pulled forward by his/her inherent potential. Even though this person also faces challenges, he/she takes a greater degree of ownership and leadership with respect to life's vicissitudes. To help this client in his journey, I provide mentoring are as these clients are in a position to be independent, self-directed, and solution-focused.

Mentoring combines deep inner work, spiritual guidance, and individually-designed study and practice. In mentoring we go deeper in the integration process and spiritual elements become more common.


Is this for you?

This question can only be answered by us exploring the option of working together. I invite you to experience my work. My clients feel held and guided in my presence. Initial meetings are free of charge until we agree to move forward. People work with me because they feel that I am fully committed to their inner process and the core of the problem becomes evident quickly. I have no agenda but to serve your journey. My art is listening--I hear more than your words are able to express, and I will say things to you that no one else will.

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