My inspiration for you today:
Poem "Your Dark Friend"

"Only the power of love has the energy
to transform your shadow into your friend,
It is this unwelcome visitor who holds the key
to a portal leading to a life unlived without end.

Only the power of Love allows you
to lean into the darkness unknown.
Unbeknownst to you, it is him you have
been waiting for so long alone.

Like a bottomless vacuum, he tends to repel,
your false sense of self encapsulated in this fragile shell.

A pregnant darkness full of power but no mercy,
for all the uncertain parts of your identity replete with controversy.

This enlivened space of darkness begs for
your willingness to become dust,
A true test of your faith and trust.

Annihilation of everything dear is at stake for this endeavor,
a price many a man not willing to pay to become free forever.

Power of Love, the only force to penetrate this hell,
by virtue of its strength and majestic beauty, everything will be well.

Love, both the means and the end,
this wished for destination will soon become alive
in you through your dark friend."