The Presence

I had a session with a mentoring client today, and I would like to share my experience with you. We have been working together for over 2 years. As she shared the week's vicissitudes with me, I allowed myself to breathe in all off the perceived torment in her field. The inner male tyrant was attacking her feminine essence in the form of thoughts. As we moved through this process, a space opened up that ascended us both into a realm of utter tranquility, peace, and power. We both merged in this space and were able to use it as a means of reflection, a space from which the trials of her life could be viewed more objectively. We both were no longer individuals in the world–rather, we became a greater space within which the world of form exists. With the passage of time, the contents of consciousness became increasingly immaterial, when reflected upon from this infinite field– a deep silence emerged, which had no beginning and end. You may feel some of this as you read this.

Union states like this often appear when two individuals allow themselves to be vulnerable and open for prolonged periods of time that are characterized by inner anguish and torment. This eternal presence reveals itself only through Grace. It cannot be forced, only invited by surrender. This field of love holds the power to endure all suffering that life lays upon us.

At the end of the session, a caveat was shared: Union states, such as the one described, often unearth more contents from the unconscious, which require reorganization and integration. Bringing order into chaos can feel unpleasant. Yet it is nothing one needs to be concerned about as long as one's identification rests with the field, rather than with the content of the field.