"Sleeping Beauty"

What has been present in the field for me lately is an awareness of the "wounded feminine". It is almost as if I am asked to be a voice for "Her" today. A part of her is withdrawn and hurt. Waiting to be seen but not wanting to because our current reference frame for viewing "Her" is off. The way the "Feminine" is held, at this point in time, is not conducive to her showing up. We are not providing a safe place for "Her". We are not ready to let Her beauty, love, and radiance shine forth because we are not attuning ourselves to what really matters in life. The "false bride" and everything she stands for dominates our modern world (fame, appearance, money, how many likes you get on FB or Instagram, etc.). So much is about "self-image", surface, and the overtly sensual. Having worked with young females for many years, I cannot say enough about how much they are hurting and the numerous ways they attempt to make the pain go away. Deep down they know how beautiful they are. Hence confusion ensues if physical appearance does not meet the conditions of the self-image projected by our world. Beauty is associated with so many conditions. Literally no one can fulfill them–everyone feels inferior, unlovable, and that there is something "wrong". Needless to say, men are suffering as well due to their allegiance with the "false bride". Many men have been seduced by her allure. Objectification of the Feminine makes men feel empty and depleted yet craving more of what will never nurture them. We are all starving for the Truth.

Naturally, many adapt to what we think "others" deem "desirable". It hurts not to be seen for who one truly is–for what really matters deep down, the Beauty of the Soul. Everyone wants to be noticed and be beautiful for we all come from the same source and therefore we all inherited Beauty. Human beings are not objects of desire but a place in which Divinity worships its own creation. Sure it feels good if we are noticed for our appearance. True inner healing, however, occurs when we acknowledge our true nature to each other. I believe that "being seen" is a much underrated concept, mainly because the way we hold it is incorrect. Wanting to be seen is merely the need to have one's true nature be acknowledged in this physical domain. What is wrong with that?!?

What does all this mean for you?

Men, it's time to step it up. Not with bravado and false self-confidence. No. True warriors need not impress. Nor do they get addicted to their senses. When you go into the grocery store, don't just stare at the alpha woman who magnetizes all the attention from everyone. Yes, she is beautiful and she needs to be seen. Yet in addition, try to attune yourself to what is revealed to the more refined subtle senses--see through your eyes, rather than with them. This is a virtue in a new paradigm of men. Dare to see the radiant beauty in all women. Don't close your heart--have the courage to feel "Her". Once you see it in all women, dare to see Her in in all men. The Feminine is there as well. From there, see and feel it in everything.

Women, embrace your soul and dare to go beyond what you "think" you should be. Know that your inner radiance surpasses the pleasantness of your appearance. Things are about to change as men start to truly honor Her again. I know you have been waiting for a long time. Be patient with Him as he works through the dark layers of inner chaos and emotional turmoil. Meanwhile, don't become a feminist. No need to take the "goddess activation course"; rather, have the courage to receive and befriend yourself. Let go of your judgment of and bitter feelings for Him. Know your sacredness, hold it most dear, and reveal it only to those who deserve it as evidenced by their Honor of your true Soul. Don't dim the radiance of the true You for the world of appearance. Increasingly, true men willing to do their inner work on the shadow feminine will start showing up for you in novel and unexpected ways.

When we allow ourselves to change the way we look at things, the world of appearance will lift its veil and Her true Beauty will shine forth. Beauty is in everything but not everyone sees it. Creation is alive. Worship Her. Embrace Her. Liberate Her. You will come alive from within in Honor of Her.

What has been written is by no means new, but "Her" voice was so glaringly obvious for me today that I had to share it.

The Radiance of Love is yours forever.

Picture: James R. Eads - Us, over time, passing by