Signs and Characteristics of Spiritual Bypassing

There is a limitless amount of how SB can express itself. Below is a sample of characteristics that are indicative of SB. I have seen them time and time again within myself and in the clients. Each one deserves a book chapter:

- bias toward detachment, numbing, repression ("emotional avoidance syndrome")

- neglecting, disinterest, and judgment of the emotional process ("emotional illiteracy syndrome")

- overemphasis of the positive ("Halo and Harp syndrome", "follow your bliss")

- anger and desire phobia ("instinctual devaluation syndrome")

- discarnation and body transcendence and concomitant body armoring and restricted breath ("dissociation syndrome")

- blind or overly tolerant compassion and rescuing ("co-dependency syndrome"; )

- spiritual pride as evidenced by defensive use of carrying the problems of another and/or excessive advice giving/teaching ("Jesus Christ Syndrome")

- experienced divergence between spiritual family versus biological family ("family of origin syndrome", "adult children syndrome")

- idealism vs. realism ("spiritual Puer aeternus syndrome", "Johnny Head-in-Air")

- action vs. inaction asymmetry and responsibility deflection (“it’s just an illusion anyways”, "surrender syndrome")

- entitlement, I deserve ...... because I am spiritual ("divine lottery syndrome")

- misunderstanding the categories that are inherent in full spectrum of human existence ("pre-trans confusion" [K Wilber] and "mixing levels" [DR Hawkins)

- overuse of the word "ego" in an attempt to escape and create distance from one's shame, negativity or shadow side ("ego demonization", "shame shield")

- debilitating judgment and devaluation of the personal narrative relative to the transpersonal.

- cognitive dissonance about always having to be in the zone of peace with oneself on open to everyone one else ("must be seen as.....")

- relativism/solipsism: perception equals reality ("quantum physics bypass").

- misconception of evil (i.e. privatio boni) by neglecting its ontological dimension ("everyone is good deep down", "we are all equal")

- delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being ("avatar syndrome")

- Equating individuation with Enlightenment ("Immanence-Transcendence confusion")

- Intellectualizing instead of embodying

- dismissing our inherent need to be seen as special and great ("repressed exhibitionism")

- excessive dissection of reality into "spiritual versus world", "advanced versus normal", "higher versus lower", etc.

This list is by no means complete. I welcome additions, if you have any.