Mature Love

The true groom is willing to relinquish his pride. In humility he kneels down and hands the crown over to the true bride. He has come to honor Her, in all her forms, which includes his mother. He no longer uses her for his own gratification. He has stepped through the resentments carried by his immaturity and protected by his pride. This freed him to recognize the true bride, who has now come to trust him through his resolution with the feminine. Instead of using her to compensate for what he never had, he has now come to be her humble servant. The self-serving agenda of the false-groom has vanished. She can feel his genuineness for his want is not motivated by lack. She feels moved to let the space within her to be filled. But before she can receive him, she has to relinquish her armoring. Her identification with the goddess, and the stripping of all her cosmic superpowers. She has to arrive at his door with empty hands, as the woman she is. She, too, cannot wear a false crown. Only then can she receive her true glory through him. For the true groom and true bride to meet both must have stepped past childhood and adolescence. Both must endure the fire of being reduced from cosmic inflation to their actual size. Both having come to terms with their limitations, ideas of greatness and smallness have been shed. Only then can Man and Woman meet and truly see each other. One cannot be a conscious individual without being fully related to these two aspects of life-divine and human reality--one present within the other.