Him & Her

A man who has done his inner work has found his way into his heart. He his willing to put himself at display, revealing his naked soul. When he has touched the deep well of love within himself, he has found access to his "inner gold". He is now free to share his love with the world and give his heart to his Beloved, fully. A women who has done her inner work demands from a man his greatest. She will not receive his heart as long as self-serving motives come attached with it. Her incredible capacity for intimacy makes her a true servant of Divine Love. She is aware of the sacredness of her gift. It is so profoundly deep that she will not fully reveal and share it unless she feels it in her core that a man can truly receive it. Her need is to feel safe. She can't if a man lacks the capacity to trust the ways of the heart as his adoration will be based on fleeting physical or romantic attraction. To drink the love potion and fall in love is easy. To find safe and sustainable intimacy requires deep, embodied soul work. Only when we begin to understand the ways of the Divine do we become Love's worthy recipient.