Client shares that she has been doubting herself. Her approach to life. Pushing herself to find balance and consolation in the seemingly broken parts of existence. Chasing conundrums. Years of hard labor--harvest, minimal. Underneath the overt narrative of desperation, a tangible joyful sound is implicitly moving through her voice. It presents itself as a portal to enter deeper into essence. Through my imaginal descent into the quality of her voice, a weightless presence is invited to enter space. As it grows, moments of silence become longer. No awkwardness is associated with the disappearance of sound, as there is no felt absence in the quiet. We both acknowledge the Presence and its feminine character. After a a period of silence, I ask the client what is alive in her awareness. She describes a picture. It is as if she is held like a child by a greater Self, which feels like a mother. I encourage her to expand her point of view--to allow herself to grow into that which is holding "her". Let this presence have all of you. Become one with it. Console that angry kid that felt so separated from your true self. The abandoned one has lived without "you" for so long. As a result, your whole being has become contracted. It is now time to let yourself back into life. To receive yourself as the precious Beauty you are, untainted by the harshness of the world. Your primary identification with this angry kid will now recede. As you receive yourself, you are experiencing yourself as a woman who embodies her power. You no longer have a need to dim your radiance for the world. You have become independent of the opinions of other people. This is a moment of true psychological birth.

Sculpture: Jean-Léon Gérôme - Tanagra (at display at Musée d'Orsay)